In this historic place once stood the Realed homeschool discussion forum.

As we know from a study of the teachings of the wise Groucho Marx time wounds all heals, and even realed is not impervious to the merciless heropass.

It is without too much regret at all that we inform you:, at least for the moment, is defunct and deactivated. You are encouraged to keep checking back here on a regular basis in case:

  1. Our dad publishes his long awated book on home schooling
  2. One of us has kids and decides to rehabilitate this website
  3. We decide to update this error message!

If the previous notes of encouragement didn't seem all that encouraging, we can offer you more immediate satisfaction in the form of some links to interesting things we are doing instead of attempting to maintain this website:

We hope you have a wonderful day.
before we all go grey (assuming anyone reads this far)
we will be on our way
with a (as the hippies would say)
shanti shanti & namastay